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Nails are how we refer to the images our users post. Each nail links to it's original source and the user that found it. There are three ways you can add a nail. The first two are by clicking the add button in the top menu bar. Here you can either upload a nail directly from your computer, or input the URL of a picture or website and nail that way.

By far the most popular way to post images is via our Nail It! tool. Say you are on some blog and you see a cool car you want to nail. With the Nail It! tool, you simply click the icon in your browser menu bar and you'll be able to nail back to your MANteresting account with out ever leaving the website you were on. Seriously, don't be a tool... get the Nail It! tool.

Workbenches (benches)

Benches are the homes of your nails. Think of it like a locker or a file on your computer. You can have a bench for awesome food, cool gadgets, and funny pictures. The options are only as limited as your imagination. You can have 1,000 benches with one nail each, or one bench with 1,000 nails. The choice is yours. Click "Add" in the top menu bar to create a new workbench. Or, as you are nailing an image, at the bottom of your current workbench list there will be spot for you to create a new one if needed.


Did another MANteresting user Nail a picture you want to save for yourself? Renail that crap! You can grab the image and put it in the bench of your choosing for referencing later.


Likes are for Facebook. On MANteresting you bump content up that you think is awesome. If a user nails a super funny picture, and you want to show your appreciation (but don't necessarily want to renail that image) click the bump button on each nail. The nails with the most bumps are archived on the popular page. Your only mission in life should be to have the most bumped image of all time!


Nails are one reason people come to MANteresting, but captions are another. Get creative, get witty, get fun. Your caption will show just below the nail for all users to see. If you are cool enough, people might bump, renail, or comment on your nail.

Editing a Nail

Typo? Think of something more awesome to say? Or just want to delete a nail altogether? Click the edit button on your nail and you can do as you please (Same thing goes for editing a workbench).


Nails reside in workbenches, and your workbenches reside in categories. From sweet rides to video games, we have a little something for everyone . Categories are found under the "Everything" link in the menu bar.


We really want MANteresting to be a place where users connect. A community if you will. For this reason, we encourage you to follow other users. You can chose to follow everything they post, or just certain boards. What's more, they can follow you back. You can gauge how cool your content is by the number of people following you. You can also click on the "invite friends" button to send quick invitations to all your friends via Facebook, encouraging to come join the party.

Shared Benches

Say you are going on a trip with a few of your close guy friends. Now you can create a bench, and invite your friends to post to it as well. Now instead of having to send a million emails back and forth with all the different places you should eat and see on your trip, you can each just nail back to your shared bench. Keeps life less stressful, and a heck of a lot more fun.