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Beautiful and clothed. Lets keep nails safe for work so I don't have to worry about looking like a perv at work. ***BUMP IF YOU AGREE***

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  • bpizzlesd onto Just a bunch of stuff

  • Danny Yelverton

    Danny Yelverton So pinterest can have pictures of half naked guys all over it so girls can look, but if a girl in a bikini on manteresting pops up its perversion? seems like a double standard...

  • Beautiful and clothed! I agree!

  • motor hippie

    motor hippie when at! don't tell us what to do..

  • James R

    James R I agree, pinterest has half naked guys, for our wives to look at, we should be able to do the same. Also when you are at work do some damn work, surf the net on your own time.

  • Bodybuilding

    Bodybuilding and still trying to hide her tummy

  • Femme Fatale

    Femme Fatale Most of the photos here aren't too bad.. the girls are wearing clothes (they're not nudes). I browse normal PINTEREST at work and often come across the same photos.. i mean girls pin girls with hot bodies for inspiration on pinterest... So i really don't agree with this :)

  • Ryan Thompson

    Ryan Thompson Wow! Incredible.

  • Uros Nikolic

    Uros Nikolic YES! WOW!

  • Joe Jones

    Joe Jones If you are really concerned about what your coworkers think, here's a suggestion: Instead of dictating to the rest of us what we can and can't post, why don't you stop wasting time on Manteresting and do some work?

  • Kaelan Tobin

    Kaelan Tobin Looking at the Top Nails of all time on this site: there's this and a 1 other "Keep it safe" pic, and then half a page down there's a ton of women wearing almost nothing. Love this site.

  • charles dusty

    charles dusty beautiful gift from god..

  • eric thomas

    eric thomas very sexy wanna by more colors in that dress visit

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I totally agree! Bump/nail if you do too!

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  • Jesse Michelsen onto Pop Culture

  • Dan Nicklaus

    Dan Nicklaus Gotta love the doo rag inspired by cotton pickers to keep their hair out of their faces. He's a bad ass gangsta with a woman's hair accessory! So street! Lmao!


Stupid Bieber

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Are you a Boss or a Leader?

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  • Jesse Michelsen onto Cool

  • Stig Forth

    Stig Forth So in this metaphor, the “Boss” is lazy and detrimental because he not only fails to inspire by example, but actually adds to the burden – and the “Leader” is on the ground doing someone else’s job, while critical tasks like coordination, logistics, scheduling and forward planning are left undone. The top business will be ineffective and uncompetitive, losing against more efficient teams. The bottom will be inflexible and fixed, losing against more maneuverable and dynamic teams. Aim for something in between; take your team’s minds off everything but their job, and when needed get down in the dirt and shit and show them how it’s done. I would quite honestly not give half a day's effort for either of those. Or I'm reading too much into this :P

  • Emerson Reyna

    Emerson Reyna you must born as a Leader!

  • Luis Anibal Rodriguez

    Luis Anibal Rodriguez i m the owner

  • Matt Alvernaz

    Matt Alvernaz As the owner or boss you must earn the respect of the employees in order for your business to succeed. They don't have to like you but they must respect you. Efficiency is the most important aspect of increasing the bottom line. If there is mutual respect between a manager and the employees the chance of being more efficient is much greater.


These things are delicious

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When you see it.

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A sandwich for every day of the month.

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My kinda shack!

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Wise man. Very wise

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tree + house = sweet

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  • Abel onto Healing Body and Mind

  • tylerk 83

    tylerk 83 I'm being married there in May, literally

  • Abel

    Abel @tylerk 83, that's awesome, link says, "Bad Hills"; have no idea where that is, but cool tree fort. :-)

  • louis simmonsjr

    louis simmonsjr the tree house um like it but no light it no restroom and stv

  • I have always wanted to spend an entire weeking in a fort like this :)


Sports pictures taken at just the right moment - YouTube

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Guys, would you post that pic if it were your wife, daughter, sister or mother? If the answer is no, remember the pic you wanna post is some guys wife, daughter, sister or mother. Women deserve our respect, not our lust. #blog #guidelines #tos

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  • Abel onto Manly Things

  • Evan Bartfai

    Evan Bartfai Why??

  • Martin Jongejan

    Martin Jongejan Good call.

  • Abel

    Abel Hi Evan, please see the site Founders’ Blog response at for an explanation as to why inappropriate content is moderated. One of the reasons is that the site is supported by Google, and Google has already suspended their contract once due to inappropriate content showing up on the site. Also, please review the site Guidelines (No. 5, “No Overtly Sexual Content”) and Terms of Service (“Prohibited Uses”, No. 2, specifically the “Not Safe For Work” segment) .

  • Mario Serra

    Mario Serra This is a men's site and men will differ in what they find sexy, appropriate, or exciting. Wile I agree with the general concept of no NUDE pictures...I admit a men's site without bikinis, lingerie, and barely covered women would be extremely LAME.

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one of the greatest bums ever.....ever!!

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1967 Camaro Street Fighter

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Ron Swanson, Libertarian

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Black panther resting on a tree

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The Top 10 Worst Infomercials - YouTube

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Bump if you agree guys :)

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Sexy Tight Dresses (50 pics)

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Volleyball Ass

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Nice little office...

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Bikers Against Child Abuse make abuse victims feel safe, "If you're afraid, you call us. Whenever you need us, we will be here."

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Tactical Tomahawk by Hardcore Hardware Australia

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November 30 - Kaley Cuoco

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My dog

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Oh Jerry

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I didn't choose the tug life, the tug life chose me.

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My friend's AMAZING sketches! - Imgur

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Game Over

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BUMP it, if you remember having this growing up as a kid

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  • Charles Wellentin onto STUFF

  • Jesse Michelsen

    Jesse Michelsen my kids just got a mini from the dentist as their prize haha

  • Charles Wellentin

    Charles Wellentin haha...they are classic. It brings back memories. I had a submarine one also...where I had to get little guys through the top hatch of the sub

  • Prince Eliezer

    Prince Eliezer lolololololol, I love'em! I used to have tons of those ring-toss when I was a kid! Great memories.

  • MANteresting

    MANteresting I am so glad this is the top bumped image of the week right now. Haha, awesome.


True story

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oh yeah!!!!

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Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche

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Zooey Deschanel

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These are the kind of images I wish I didn't see but know how much I need to see them.

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  • bpizzlesd onto Just a bunch of stuff

  • bpizzlesd

    bpizzlesd A sobering picture as veteran's day approaches. Freedom isn't cheap.

  • Corey Cooper

    Corey Cooper It's sad that so many think they are dying for something other than money.

  • bigosbro21

    bigosbro21 Yeah it's called freedom, you dishonorable piece of sh**.

  • Fred Then

    Fred Then Respect.

  • Corey Cooper

    Corey Cooper Your a fool if you think it's about freedom unless your talking about freedom to steal resources from poor countries. I did my time and you can talk sh** but you don't want none of me.

  • bigosbro21

    bigosbro21 Oooo, I'm shaking in my boots . . . . what, you did time? Where, in prison? It is about freedom, both theirs and ours.

  • Chris Wells

    Chris Wells Doesn't matter what it's about it sucks either way. And if you've "done time" you know that any of us that have been there already know the score. We know what it is and what it isn' no one is dying this fools death you're trying to portray. So instead of being disresprectful and trying to sound like some lone disenchanted hard ass, have a little respect for our fallen brothers...

  • Alex

    Alex @Corey Cooper, keep your disrespectful piece of shit comments to yourself. You thought that your comment was going to be well accepted?? If you were in our Military at one time, I am glad you are out.

  • Keith Valenzuela

    Keith Valenzuela As long as we remember them and do our part to preserve the freedoms our heroes have fought for, their sacrafice is not in vain.

  • Fred D

    Fred D Mr Cooper you are an undescribable LOSER

  • Ryan Heston

    Ryan Heston To my unknown brother under that flag..."losing YOU instead of MF's like Mr Cooper is indeed a tragic think that the next generation will be brought into this world by fathers like him instead of you makes me sick and sad...but I will do my part by teaching my son the WAY OF THE WARRIOR/PATRIOT and showing him how to choke hippy/yuppy kids the F out when they spew their ignorantly educated words...Together we WILL honor your sacrifice one way or another! Unlike the "wine sipping, communist, dick sucks" like MR Cooper.!

  • Wow RYAN HESTON, your rant went from well said to just plain crazy/stupid when you said you would teach your son to "choke" kids. I sure hope you aren't in the military either, because you are as crazy and ignorant as Mr.Cooper

  • corey collins

    corey collins I still dread getting a flag at my door every single day. I did 5 years in the Marines and my wife is still in the Navy and currently deployed. We have two kids and I couldn't imagine telling them that mommy isn't coming home. The phrase "All gave some, some gave all" is true as it can be.

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As a BBQ lover, this is simply beautiful

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Puyehue Chile, June 5, 2011. Fscking majestic.

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coolest dad ever

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Men vs Women

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This is just the shower! Click the picture to see the rest of the amazing home. The Sprawling Rancho Alegre in Santa Fe

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red hot

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Natalie Portman looking better that ever!

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Kate Beckinsale

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  • Abel onto Manly Things

  • Clay Rollo

    Clay Rollo Where is that verse in the Bible?

  • Joshua Jerome

    Joshua Jerome What I find amusing here is that whoever made this does not get the concept of "love" and just letting people do whatever want. Real love is a feeling for the person not what their preferences are or what they want to do. If I have a child that decided they want to drink and smoke I will tell them they are not going to do that in my house and tell them why I don't think it's good. This does not mean that I don't love them it actually means I love them more for trying to help them stay away from something harmful to themselves and those around them.


Kate Beckinsale. Extremely easy on the eyes

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Canadian girls

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Tactical Baby Strollers

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  • zachary lee onto Manly Baby Products

  • Dawn Ricard

    Dawn Ricard Although the tactical weapons make me laugh, these rifle strollers are very common to the aged among the trap/skeet shooting crowd. They can get from post to post with all their gear without having to carry a bunch of weight.


The kind of "old man" I will be

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Yao Ming Wearing Yao Ming Face Shirt - ha!

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Just two old guys

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Sweet & Spicy Bacon Chicken

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1969 Ford Mustang Hardtop

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Toilet Paper Art

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Some laughs while taking a dump

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Drunk sharpie

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Allison Stokke, hottie pole vaulter

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Abandoned subway beneath New York

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  • Jesse Michelsen onto Photography

  • Daniel Moraes

    Daniel Moraes Reminds me of the old school ninja turtle movies!

  • I doubt this had been abandoned.

  • Cheryl Land

    Cheryl Land Not in use, but I wouldn't call it abandoned so much.

  • Michael Breen

    Michael Breen City Hall Loop. It's there, but 1) no one can ride the train passed Brooklyn Bridge as it goes through, 2) the train NEVER stops there and 3) the ground-level entrances are all boarded up and closed.