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ZTW Gecko 45A Aircraft ESC 5A SBEC [ZTW-Gecko-45A] - US$45.99 : ZTW Retail Store,cheap discount price,ZTW Offical website
ZTW Gecko 45A Aircraft ESC 5A SBEC This is a high-quality, efficient brushless electronic speed control with an integrated switch-mode BEC. It can operate without the need for a separate receiver battery to power your servos and receivers, saving you weight and complication. GECKO series also include ESC OPTO for giant flying. This series of ESCs also features an exposed, finned heat sink aluminum case with lightweight plastic end caps. Additional features include safe power arming along with advanced programmable, data logging system, low voltage cutoff, braking, timing, throttle input range, and more, making this series truly a pro series speed control. As the development of the electronic and popular demand of the market, our BEC has been specifically designed for extreme aerobatics and therefore has the capability to support the higher current applications to eliminate the possibility of unwanted shutdowns, and is also capable of supporting continuous simultaneous multiple servo operations typically found in CCPM equipped hardcore 3D E-helicopters. Features Data logging system such as temperature, voltage, current, RPM, SBEC Voltage Output 5.0, 6.0, 7.4, 8.4V adjustable Advanced Governor Mode and soft start High SBEC Current Output, continuous 8A and burst 16A, designed to meet your high current application Power arm protection, over-heat protection, low-voltage protection and lost-signal protection Secondary sub-menu setting by LCD program card or PC interface Firmware updating by PC interface Unique metal shape designing gives your new fashion visual impact. Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity Support and match with most of the motors, including high RPM motors Programmable motor timing Utilizes new smaller MOSFET technology to minimize weight Finned heat sink programmable throttle input range Anti-spark circuit eliminates (HV OPTO version only) Specifications Output: Continuous Current 45A ,Burst Current 65A for 10 seconds Battery : 5-18NiXX/2-6S LiPo Weight: 50g BEC: 5.0V, 6.0V adjustable / 5A Size: 33x59x11.5mm(WxLxH)


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auto-dial SMS alarm system with LCD display
Dreambox DM7080 HD TV Satellite Receiver,Dreambox 7080 satellite receiver,cheap wholesale discount price
PSTN Alarm system with LCD dispay and Voice YL-007ZX,PSTN Alarm system with LCD dispay and Voice,alarm systems,burglar alarm,GSM alarm system,Car alarm system,CCTV system
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ZTW Spider PRO Premium 30A HV OPTO 2-6S ESC Electronic Speed Control For RC MULTIROTOR [ZTW-Spider-PRO-Premium-30A-HV] - US$16.99 : ZTW Retail Store,cheap discount price,ZTW Offical website
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ZTW Gecko 45A Aircraft ESC 5A SBEC [ZTW-Gecko-45A] - US$45.99 : ZTW Retail Store,cheap discount price,ZTW Offical website