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Work vs. home.
Work vs. home.

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Watch out for Pooh
What a gentleman.
You're not handicapped...
You hear this all the time in the army!
Men vs Women
date my daughter
Seems like something my wife would say...
Best Funny Fails Compilation August 2014 - Online Video - Funny VideosOnline Video – Funny Videos
PC problems
1970s song
1969 Ford Mustang Hardtop
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Learn how to kiss a girl…
Malicious Advice Mallard
The artificial lake, which lies in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, is home to a rare phenomenon where bubbles get frozen right underneath its surface.The plants on the lake bed release methane gas and methane gets frozen once coming close enough to much colder lake surface and they keep stacking up below once the weather gets colder and colder during the winter season.
Ummm, really?!
From one nurse to another.
Why periods?
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This needs to happen.
street name fail
Wait for it...
Not sure whether this is sad or funny. I mean, I always knew he was a pompous jerk, but for crying out loud, IT'S A ****ING CARTOON!
Cat vs printer w/ sound effects.
How to troll your girlfriend.

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