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Work vs. home.
Work vs. home.

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Cheerleaders in trouble.
Man -1, Shark - 0
Toilet Paper Art
Red Tide at Beach
The best Wedding Speech ever - YouTube
I know... Its Bush's fault...
Reverse pickpocket.
Trotter the bulldog gets all dressed up, becomes Instagram sensation - Animal Tracks
"Happy Halloween, filthy animals!" ~ Marv & Harry from Home Alone
video games
Scumbag dog.
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Silly wannabe. Don't get me wrong, because I drive a Corolla, but I don't go around pretending it's a Porsche lol.
Never stop bettering yourself.
Sacrificing your heart is not acceptable. :(
You're doing it right.
Do what you love.
First day of school and first day of college.
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"Nailed it." lol
Unnecessary life vest.
Baked some iPhone cookes...
Why Virgin America is my favorite airline.
I don't drink, but this is hilarious.
Black Friday Humor #1

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