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Why we don't have unicorns
Why we don't have unicorns
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How to raise the perfect dog.  Really, this is a GREAT resource for people that want more than a dog... they want a perfect dog.
Asian grading scale
Same Socialism, Different Name
Marshall fridge.
Yahoo! Small Business Advisor: Is Too Much Ambition Making You Miserable? // "There really wasn't a big impact from ambition to how satisfied people were with their lives."
So real.
Makes sense to me
The Art of Retrohaling
"Why hell went out of fashion" from #churchformen (Disclaimer: I don't believe that the Bible teaches that hell will be eternal, but that it will last a finite period of time.)
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You need to have secret doors.
Springfield Armory M1A Socom 16
Suits & Starwars.
"Your essay."
Tool Logic | SLPro Tactical Black - Fire | Built for Life
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Why we don't have unicorns
Puppet With Power

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