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Why we don't have unicorns
Why we don't have unicorns
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Article from WORLD Mag about porn addictions in today's church & culture...
How it's done.
Makes sense to me
Careful when unsheathing thy dagger
So So True :(
collars, know your swag
Things that make you go, "hmmm."
6.6 blizzard
Right vs. Left Brained
"Legal, regulated substances are more difficult to obtain that illegal ones." Hard to argue with that logic...
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Han is the best
Now THAT is an RV!
Self-watering pot for a 2 liter bottle
Mmmm Jam
Bacon Pie Consists of Bacon, Cheese, Deliciousness, and Heart Attacks
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Wisdom for the ages.
So So True :(
Puppet With Power
Sir Winston Churchill
Only the names have been changed... and not to protect the innocent...
If Y'all havent guessed yet, I am NOT Politically Correct.

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