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Travel Costa Rica | Spot Check - Nicoya Peninsula
What's going on in Nicoya!?

Source: http://costaricagurus.com/costa-rica-vacations-hot-spot-nicoya-peninsula/

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Go to the Runway Grill at Rocky Mountain Regional airport. Have a meal or just go for a drink. But please ask for your server to be Kathy. She's a wonderful lady, a great waitress, and a cancer survivor, which makes her very special to my heart. P.S. Tell her that Jim sent you, and leave her a big tip.
▶ La Jolla de Mismaloya paradise in Puerto Vallarta - YouTube
Photo-from-the roof
Huntington Botanical gardens. L.A #Bucketlist
Seattle Houseboat
manhattan 1970 and today
hammock a
Resting on a llama at Machu Picchu.
Gotta get my body ready for this...Tubing the ditch on Kauai.
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Costa Rica Travel | The Sportfishing Vacation Mecca - CRGURUS
Travel Costa Rica | Spot Check - Nicoya Peninsula

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