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vintage playboy cover
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5 Things You Might Not Know About Captain America
Book The Big Connect by Shaili Chopra Online.Are digital means of communication better than traditional bhaashans andprocessions? Will a social media revolution coerce armchair opinion makers to headto poll booths?Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are changing the way the denizens of the world,and more specifically youth of this country, communicate and connect. In The BigConnect, Shaili Chopra traces the advent of social media in India and how politicsand lobbying has now shifted to the virtual f
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Book History Of The World In 10 1/2 Chapters, A is written by Julian Barnes.Beginning with an unlikely stowaway's account of life on board Noah's Ark, A History ofthe World in 101/2 Chapters presents a surprising and subversive fictional-history of earthtold from several kaleidoscopic perspectives. Noah disembarks from his ark but he and hisVoyage are not forgotten:
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How to spot a liar.
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