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Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy


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Surreal Palawan, Philippines
Stay at Madison Oaks Inn :: Madison, Georgia
Railway in Switzerland
Scenic Canal In Bruges, Belgium
On a Luxury sailing cruises at Whitsundays private yacht charter, sailing charter with Real life enjoy reef walking, Whole, Golfing, Sundancer, snorkelling, scuba diving, uninhabited island exploration, gourmet meals & fine wine.
Harbour Plaza Metropolis Rooftop Pool Hong Kong | Hotels With Rooftop Pools
Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland
niagara falls
Glass Floor Ocean Cottage, The Maldives
Comedy Pet Theater is coming back to Vegas! One of the coolest family shows in a non-family friendly city.
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These are the kind of images I wish I didn't see but know how much I need to see them.  Serving this nation is so much more meaningful knowing that I'm serving with men and women such as this.
Wishing this was my Monday....
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Watkins Glen State Park, New York
Do you like being stared at?
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Travel/ Great Landscapes

Venice, Italy
Watkins Glen State Park, New York
The Milky Way and the Aurora Borealis over Galway, Ireland.
Good morning sun
Opal Creek, Oregon
My kinda shack!