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Um, no.
Um, no.

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Sexy miley cyrus and christmas
Under-boob classic
hot for teacher
Mirror Girl
bra adjustment
Septum piercing & traditional roses tattoo
hot girl on the way to the pool
Going to the woods is going home.
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Technology FTW lol
Tam Cốc-Bích Động, Vietnam.
Most powerful man in the wor...oh wait!
Do want.
42-year-old Russian beats a bank at their own game by amending an unsolicited credit card offer.
I think I found your problem.
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"If I *die* trying to make a difference, it will be worth it!"
I think a lot of problems are like this (not just this one in particular): we have a problem, and we deal with it in an unhealthy way which only continues the problem without getting to the root source of it...
Sad, indeed...
Following your dreams requires the courage the live them out. The two combined make you happy(er).
PostSecret postcard sent in by a dad...