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Um, no.
Um, no.

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"Nailed it." lol
This works for students who *want* learn. As a teacher, not sure that I agree with running his line of reasoning out to its logical conclusion and allowing *all* kids to do this.
Keeping it real lol.
Alone =/= lonely...
Interviewing The Beatles.
"I'll say this about Marla. At least she's trying to hit bottom." ~ Fight Club
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Lies *always* hurt, regardless of what *lie* we tell ourselves to convince us it's okay...
"It's about fighting for the things that make you happy. For me, that's you."
Sad, indeed.
because "cheating" isn't just about sex...
"Cuz f*** him, that's why." ~ Good Will Hunting -- having a great life instead of letting someone else destroy it...