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the tube - which way is it going?
the tube - which way is it going?
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Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas @ Crete
Nyhavn , Denmark  Source: ColoradoSheriff (reddit)
Going to the 4-corners region?  A must see blog, including Monument Valley, Land bridges and Hovenweep...
Oceantop movie theater!
Awesome hidden pantry
Whitehaven Beach @ Australia
Oceanside Restaurant Built Into A Grotto In Italy
The best view in town, Bavaria Germany
A Perfect Place for a Retreat in Mahabalipuram
World's largest open pit Diamond mine near Mirny, Russia. There's a no-fly zone over the pit because helicopters get sucked in by the down-draft.
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linda vaughn
tight jeans
alexandra daddario
pretty woman
pretty woman with curves
los angeles marina aeriel view
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pool in Bali
church lake bled
gold ak47 chair
cruise blimp
basement at museum of natural history
sig sauer guns