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'Pets' Outdoor Toilet Initiative', or P.O.T.I.
True dat!
Oh how true
couldn't agree more
That's too much for a boy!
I thought he said that!
The true battle between good and evil.
The worst feeling. Something is due.
... indeed
Yoda Dog
The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford
Stormtrooper Chair
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My appreciation for brunettes continues.  #rhona_mitra
I have a mug.  I have a microwave.  I can make all 18.
I prefer the current Trish Stratus variety: Brunette.
I have a need for this.
Boy Scout Handbook from the 80s. I know I still have mine...with a few burn holes in the cover...
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We are amused.

Why this movie will only exist in the 80s.
Last line is the only reason I still have a Pinterest account.  ...seriously, search for women's fit-spiration....
Guitarist problems.
You figure it out.
She's a good egg, this one.