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trump golfing
trump golfing
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A question I've asked myself many times.
Jack buy some board shorts
Bankruptcy and the Retail Sector - Dion R. Hancock, P.A.
epic shower head
Wilson Combat 1911 Contemporary Classic
the wind
D.A. Battista
In our increasingly PC world I ask the question... Are Zombies the perfect villains? Read about it here:
Monday means two things - the day is going to be slow, but the night is going to rock! Marquee Monday's! Get in tonight with the V Card from
Get into the exclusive pools tomorrow with the V Card!
Get into the clubs tomorrow night with the V Card! Get it? The V Card makes you Royalty in Vegas!
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alternative facts
roswell 1947
job experience
trump is king
Citizen Trump
mike pence tweet
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