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True story
True story

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/16QGMlv

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MS paint FTW
Pre-drinking drinks
Sheldon Cooper
Celebrities without teeth
Probably required to wear them or be mistaken for Americans
Meanwhile, At The Mall
Hilarious commercial! - Dove Men + Care (Eng. sub)
goddamn prius'
Man Wakes From Surgery, Thinks His Wife is a Model
Overly Manly Man
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Sandbox with built in benches
WiFi Enhancer
MANTERESTING - Menn har fått drømmenettside - Side3
Texting while flying
HDMI Pocket Projector
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Now that some funny shit...

Forgot how to bird.
My new favorite shirt
Texting while flying
Catch Me!!
True story
North Korea's first attack on the US