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tight seal life hack
tight seal life hack


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John Wayne
the future
boob infographic
Roof top fireplace
Sprzęt kuchenny
trophy, great for the family room
Need to live somewhere that this warm year round
I've said it before -- football is this country's #1 religion. If your happiness is (solely/mostly) determined by a team winning a game, you have screwed up priorities.
Z.T.V.  Zombie Terrain Vehicle
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Gourmet Peanut Butter, Jelly and Bacon Sandwich.
"Are you wearing anything under that?" "Yeah, socks and shoes."
not bad
perfect man cave.
Didn't see that coming.
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every guy ever.
Can not wait for this show to pick back up!
The Man's Gym
The Man's Dormroom
COOLEST HALFTIME SHOW EVER!!  And I'm a Badger fan!                          

Ohio State University marching band takes video games seriously (Video) : theCHIVE
Studley Tool Chest... even the name is manly!