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Suffer now or suffer later...
Suffer now or suffer later...

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Health & Fitness

fitness girls
Series 1410 Concealment Cover & Insert Bundle  |  Tactical Walls
Skippy Peanut Butter, Natural Creamy, 15-Ounce Jars $25.20.
Fitness starts and finishes here
How Fit Are You? 3 Simple Tests to Find Out
dark lips
Falling with style
Remember your first Schwinn bicycle?
Zmena tvaru nosa doma JE MOŽNÁ
Shes 41!
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Sexual Assault & Drinking: Teaching Women the Connection (Slate.com) // great article for anyone with high-school or college-age daughters...
"Legal, regulated substances are more difficult to obtain that illegal ones." Hard to argue with that logic...
Real life incognito mode
scumbag eagle...
Brief article from RossTraining.com about rope exercises (dude is a beast).
7.12 hybrids
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Health & Fitness

Actual Advice Mallard
this is why it's important to stick to a schedule
We can, and we will!
Got Milk? Throw it away.
I hate the fact that healthy food (such as produce) costs more than junk food...

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