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Suffer now or suffer later...
Suffer now or suffer later...

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Health & Fitness

300 Rep Ab Workout For Six Pack Abs - Six Pack Smack Down
Jamie Eason
Buy Prosoma 350mg Online - Generic Carisoprodol USA
7 Day Back & Shoulders Workout Challenge
1 to 90
Smoothie Recipes for Everything
Super Shape
why not give it a try
Doing everything you can but still can't lose that stomach fat?  Easy fix...read this...
Great beginner's Heart Rate Monitor - Very user friendly
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Favorite part of The Lion King
A soldier receives a letter from a little girl.
If I have a daughter, I hope she does something like this one day.
National Geographic article says naming your feelings decreases their power over you, not vice versa. Reminds me of nomorefears.com...
Ummm, really?!
Tesla Christmas Tree
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Health & Fitness

Great transformation story from a gal who went from 170 and couldn't hardly lift anything to 140 and a double-bodyweight deadlight (inspire the ladies in your life with this).
Got Milk? Throw it away.
"Buy honey made by local bees from a local farmer's market. The honey made from local flowers will boost your immune system from seasonal allergies." Not sure if it's true, but worth a try.
As if Supersize Me wasn't a big-enough reason...
We can, and we will!
The squirrels get it.

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