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Strat Tat.
Strat Tat.


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woodstock poster
twiggy and sonny bono
frank sinatra florida
Arctic Monkeys
robert plant
home entertainment
Boom Boxes
Elvis Presley - From Elvis In Memphis
Meatloaf 8 track
george harrison playing 45s in a car
portable stereo system 1950s
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Not a man hand, but anyhow, I'm thinking of getting a small cross tattoo like this on my wrist that can be hidden under my watch band.
Doortop Stash
Kinda want...Mint Tin Pocket Guitar Amp, Headphone Amp, MP3 Amp w/ Speaker, Volume Control, & 10X Gain (Peppermint Altoids).
Brooks Brothers "BB No1 Repp Tie"
coolest dad ever
Keep Going.
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The Pick Punch
Daddy Mojo 6 string Deluxe guitar demo by Arthur Renwick
My "Fender American Vintage '57 Stratocaster Electric Guitar (Surf Green)"
Beautiful Tone and Lindy Fralin Pickups that I want - Ron Plays Cosy - YouTube
I want this amp - The Jim Kelley Amplifier - Single Coil
100 Greatest Guitarists According to RollingStone Magazine.

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