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Still At The Beach
Still At The Beach


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Bavispe, Sonora.  #HondaTrips #Roadtrips
1988 Suzuki S40 Boulevard
Natural shelter frame
Heimplanet Maverick Expedition Tent Withstands Winds to 112 MPH
Top 5 Best Wood Burning Backpacking Stoves
come to love you
Using Emergency Bandage - The important thing to remember when using an emergency / trauma bandage is to keep it tight so it can help control bleeding. The illustration above shoes some different ways to tie it for this purpose. It doesn't have to be pretty, DOES have to be effective.
Top 5 Best Backpacking Water Filters
EDM Arms - Products - Custom Cal Rifles 50 .308 gun guns Hurricane Utah Assault Rifle
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Jesse Rogers
I feel weak at the knees when I look at her
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The List: The Most Expensive Insured Celebrity Body Parts
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