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Speaks for itself.
Speaks for itself.

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x axis should read "manliness". y axis should read "how jealous your friends are".

NY Times - "You Probably Have Too Much Stuff"
Silver Labrador Retriever
sexy girl
Slender Man: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme
Facts about farts.
Batman and the Joker
  If you have...
How many nozzles do I have in my shower?... More than you...
males with long hair
hard to kill
BRIDGE CITY TOOL WORKS Commemorative Tool Number 4 Angle Divider
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Seashell pasta salad with basil, tomatoes, and garlic
January 7 - Ashton Kutcher
January 15 - Drew Brees
Cool BackYard Ideas Infographic
Backlit American Flag
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America's Pastime
Backlit American Flag
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
Speaks for itself.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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