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Sneaky little guys aint they?
Sneaky little guys aint they?


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Star Wars Yoga
true or not?
Yes,I will!
Yeah, that's about right.  Best of Tapiture : theCHIVE
excuse me
Talking to my non-gamer friends...
Questioning my sanity
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 And yet people claim that he is for the middle class.
True story
Bucket List
Whitehaven Beach @ Australia
The Faceless Watch
VEGETARIAN (n) - Ancient Tribal word for a moron who can't hunt or fish.
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We reward laziness and people working hard not to work. I have to take a drug test to work but the people free loading don't to take free handouts. What a Wonderful Country!!!!
Say no to the children and to yourself when it is needed. Take the responsibility
My wife would agree that this is me.
This is what happens when we are too scared to stand for anything because it may offend other countries
You can't argue with science
To bad he already brought my toys!!!