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Sneaky little guys aint they?
Sneaky little guys aint they?


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I hate winter
I'm slightly embarrassed to laugh at this.
shark cage
Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit...
Snow White
How do you drink?
Arch Nemesis.
big eyes
Funny car sticker - Wicked & Cool Gadgets
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Build your own bottle tiki torch for about $5
Sliding Barn Door
mans best friend. Thank you veterans for all that you have given.
If I had a reason to wear
We all know one like this
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Funny thing is that the neighbors sound like they are the kind of people to say it's wrong for other people to have guns and when something happens to them they wanna know where the cops where.
Shut up Carl!!
Every dang TIME!!!!
The banana is strong with this one!   MINIONS DRESSED UP AS POPULAR CHARACTERS - 20 pics
This might as well be number one of Newton's laws