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skull lamp
skull lamp
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House Stuff

Backyard patio island.
This Old House: 47 Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership
Great version of a patio pond
cutting edge kitchen tablet holder
I would crawl in and never come out.
Kitchen Power Grommet
Comic Book Coasters
You could buy these, but my wife made some similar coasters, so I'm just going to have her teach me to make these!
Outdoor Bar
21 projects w/ pallets
Oneprojectcloser.com - DIY Basement Storage Shelves
climbing wall to secret play space..or man cave!
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ariel winter modern family
do the math
pretty young woman
sphere home
sweet bike
just a peek - girl
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nice pad
ultimate shower
cabin on a boulder
cabin in the middle of nowhere
steampunk lamp
fancy boat house