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Sig 1911 and dagger
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My Life

Because that's how we do it in Packerland!
Ducati Super Sport 600
The Pineapple
We are giving away some great merchandise from Tattoo Golf.  Enter for your chance to win! Promotion ends April 21st.
My younger brother. I tried to warn him.
Emergency supplies? Mancave? Holding Cell? Who knows? Nobody, that's all that matters.
Elisabet Carnicé, 2013
One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn't do what it just did.
Amazing photo of a surfer getting upstaged by a dolphin in Western Australia
Thanks John.
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I am just happy I found a place where I pin stuff like this just because...
Girls With Guns 2
1969 Ford Mustang Hardtop
Ferrari 458
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A day at the Lakes
terry sawchuk goalie - no mask era