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Manly Things

Now for the pork version!
Smoothie recipes for everything!
Forever Young
Gentleman Jack Whiskey Bottle Lamp
EXTENDED FLIP OUT - for 30" to 32" TV
for 30" to 32" flat-screen TV
Simple? Genius!
Outdoor Movie Screen...
Thank You Sir..
Cool Gear For Guys. Vvault Front Pocket Wallet. Made In America
perfect man cave. now, how to make basements 'safe' in FL
Awesome Bar
GripAce - Digital Motorcycle Switchs
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Alcohol... makes for great stories.
BugAsalt = indoor bug gun? purchased where?!
how to train your dog.
A sandwich for every day of the month.
Hardcore Survival Kit designed by former military personnel for efficiency!
Chest strength circuit
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Architectural Design

warn me when you'd like the Lambo ready, Mr. Wayne.
Book case walls. LOVE bookcase architecture.
LOVE this idea.  LED staircase.  easy, creative, contemporary.
simple. functional. aesthetic.
bookshelf of epic proportions