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Serena adds a new body shape.
Serena adds a new body shape.
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dolphins riding the waves
Cats effing love hats.
I think I saw her at Epcot in front of the Italian area
You heard the dog - pay'em
Not a thing
Craigslist Ad
cool dog
baby gorrilla
only a dog
happy puppy
black marlin capsizes fishing boat
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Hold that pose.
a great figurative drawing.
Ewa holding the Cigarette body mask prior to make up for a photoshoot at the Tiki Bar in Punta Gorda
This is a large painting which tells the story of the making of the video for the Pride & Passion event at the Tampa Museum. Sold
"Clydesdale Woman" standing on one leg.
"A Life in Balance" This piece has changed colors three times so now it looks like a drive thru California. It is hanging at FGCU.
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images that amuse

Pure surprise.
I laughed so hard.
There is a glow about her.
The most magical place on earth.
just the legs

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