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Serena adds a new body shape.
Serena adds a new body shape.
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White Tigers
fun dog sign
Lending a hand
it exploded
puppy loving the boat ride
eagle versus drone
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Trish looking bow legged.
Guinivere with the Flesh body mask. Next time I'm going to auction off the pieces at the end of the show.
"Spore" is a floor standing sculpture made of 180 glass syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel. It is currently at SBDAC and will travel to the Charlotte Vo-Tech next.
"Splash Drops" co-created with my grandson. This is a pastel drawing.
Amy and the Flesh body mask again. I loved the show.
beauty through the pain.
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images that amuse

Groundhogs Day
There is a glow about her.
belly dancing
Now you know the body shapes.
Best flag to salute.

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