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Self Tying Water Balloons At the Fun Gadget World!!
Self Tying Water Balloons


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Leigh's Ice Skating Proposal by The Heart Bandits  Photo by Newly LA- only attempt if you can ice skate lol
Romantic Marriage Proposal - YouTube
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Old Time Super Bowl Party
Wussification: If everyone one gets a trophy win or lose, There is only one way to tell the winner from the losers. The losers are the ones proud of the trophies.
Friday - YES!
Hot Mom
Propose on the beach- just hire someone to setup a canopy!
trump comey
NippleGate: Chelsea Handler vs Putin | MANteresting Zine
Memorial day not bbq day
This would be such a cool proposal!
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Fun Gadget World

Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard - Fun Gadget World
Headphone Audio Splitter Cable - Fun Gadget World
Steampunk Styled Tesla Analog Watch - Fun Gadget World
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