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rubber duckies
rubber duckies
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American Indians moving their camp - c.1890's
Devil's Tower.
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Chalet Lhotse is a stunning vacation house located in the heart of Val d′Isere, France. This unique chalet is spread over 3,767 square feet and comes accustomed with five beautifully finished bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms and balcony. The master bedroom even has a stunning stone bath tub and rain shower.  The price-tag to stay at this beautiful chalet starts at $21,527 to $61,625 per week, which includes many luxurious amenities. So you know….good luck with all that.  27 photos in all.
Silfra is an Amazing Diving And Snorkel Spot In Iceland
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Seattle Houseboat
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golden gate
pollution haze in china
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Rooftopper captures vertigo-inducing cityscapes