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Repurposing some Barrels/Kegs into a Garden Fountain
Repurposing some Barrels/Kegs into a Garden Fountain


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Smoke Bomb
Survival Candy
Not a difficult project either.
Key chain/holder from old seatbelt buckles - now that's cool!
How to Build a Pallet Fold-Up Desk
Free Wooden Toy Sword Plans - How to Make Toy Wooden Swords
Repurposing an Antler into a Dinner Table Candleholder or Candelabra

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Front wall storage
backyard fire pit ideas
Easy to make awesome slime
Tiered pool
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SPARTACUS-----Born in Thrace in 109 BC, Spartacus is most widely known as the gladiator who led the revolt against Rome during the Gladiatorial War. It is not known for sure how Spartacus became a gladiator but the leading theory is that he once fought for the Roman army but deserted and became a thief. He was arrested and sold as a gladiator due to his strength. In 73 BC he and seventy followers escaped from a gladiator school near Capua and fled to Mount Vesuvius where they were joined by loca
Ode to a Fighter Pilot :)
Spam Musubi from Hawaii
Repurposing pallet into rustic kitchen shelf
Another Creative Firewood Storage Idea
Siopao (meat-stuffed white bread rolls) -----from Guam USA
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Water barrel sink.  DIY!
Repurposing Antlers as Candleholder or Candelabra
Repurposing a silo into a guest house
Repurposing Antlers as Coffee Mug Holders
Repurposing pallets into tiered seating for indoor home theater
Antler Coat Rack for the Wall

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