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Repurposing an old computer monitor into a pet bed
Repurposing an old computer monitor into a pet bed


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This ferocious little guy was tied up outside the liquor store - Imgur
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Awesome!  Ideal for late night romancing!
These are some cool ways to use up some old pallets. I think some of these were left outside and gave them a pretty rugged look. Places like Canadian tire often give out free wood that was used in shipping and there are usually some pallets in the mix.
Moody Aquarium Sink.jpg
DIY Garden Furniture Set
bop: november | Tumblr
Lemon Grass... The anti-mosquito
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Space Saving Armchair
Moody Aquarium Sink.jpg
Feeding station for your pet
Repurposing a barrel to make a simple house for one's pet canine

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