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Mouth, boobs, triangle: seems legit.
Wise man. Very wise
Landmannalaugar, Iceland
What a gentleman.
Mostly true.
from College Humor...
...aus der Realit├Ąt :-)
[Image - 408644] | Overly Manly Man | Know Your Meme
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Man's best drinking buddy.
The Longer 420 Goes On...
What Kind of Beer Drinker Are You?
Well that's convenient.
Interesting cocktail combinations. Try it and tell us what you think!
Clearance Sale on Poop Pants and Aptly Named Items via
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9 New Suits You Wont Be Seeing in Iron Man 3
The 7 Wonders of Your Apartment
The 10 Worst Things About Growing Up
7 New Breeds of Douchebag
8 Animal Based Sex Positions (other than doggy style)
Congratulations! You just got yourself a new drunk friend! Here is a guide on how to care for your new addition.

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