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PC problems
PC problems

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I think I'm in love...
it sucks when someone has to take this from you.
Aint that the truth
must. do.
"No I've never colored my hair!"
“Gus Portokalos” from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Best use of this meme ever...EVER!
can I get a spot?
go wrong
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Facebook Parenting – One Father, Tommy Jordan Shoots His Daughter’s Laptop After Her Rebellious Post... Watch The Video Here!
Guinness. Always the right choice.
Why not?
Zombies and Doomsday Preppers :)
Trap door in kitchen island leading down to a tornado shelter or Apocalypse bunker or wine room.
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Accidentally clicked Internet Explorer. Now I have to wait for it to load, to close it.
YOLO + smiley = One great looking start to a mundane career!
Great - until you stick a key in the wrong outlet...
one sith, two sith, red sith, blue sith. Time to mix the Dr Seuss books with Star Wars!
Man up!

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