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PC problems
PC problems

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The Day After A Holiday Weekend
So true
stocking up on some beer
I'm Not Slurring My Words...
Top Gear must be a terrible show
can I get a spot?
Dragon Baby - YouTube
Raising them the best way we know how...
You're Doing It Wrong | Fail Compilation
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Accidentally clicked Internet Explorer. Now I have to wait for it to load, to close it.
Shoutout to all the Boxers out there! Tough M-Fers!
-OR- Add gasoline....
The Beautiful Ariana Grande - 12 Photos | the JAW drop
Neat Idea, until ants move into the base...
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Zombies and Doomsday Preppers :)
When mixing genre's goes so totally right...
Zombie Survival Field Manual: Detection = Protection
How to wear a Print Blazer. 
Step 1 - remove Print Blazer. 
Step 2 - set fire to Print Blazer.
Step 3 - Buy a well tailored suit.
Haha - What's vegan mean?

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