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Patio w/ Pergola
Patio w/ Pergola

Source: http://www.houzz.com/photos/64694/Landscape-Design---Build-contemporary-land...

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Manly Things

Truck bed
Living Room
Not a bad looking truck.
Bugatti Galibier Concept
Macaroni and Beef with Cheese
Sick Tat
Trap door in kitchen island leading down to a tornado shelter or Apocalypse bunker or wine room
Storage drawers mounted under stairs
SR-71 Blackbird Ground Speed Check » ManInstitute.com - Your source for everything manly!
Nice little office...
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outdoor fire pit
New Distilling Equipment
BBQ Tool Cabinet
Roof top fireplace
Be spontaneous
Great Idea! Should save my back. DIY: Raised Bed Planter
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Stairway Bookcase
Hanging bed for swingers
Should not just be for a kid...cool ceiling idea with license plates
Secret openings in the bookshelves. Classic!
good idea for storage,