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Spirituality & Faith

Are you a Boss or a Leader?
About life.
Giving Historical Biographies to the Church – Justin Taylor
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We all know this...
"If you're gonna go, go all out." ~ Hardee's slogan from when I was growing up
On being a Man...Why Mr. Rogers Might Just Be The Smartest Man In History...Treat others like you wish to be treated...
Write this DOWN!!
The tragedy of life
There are two ways of spreading light.  To be the candle...or the mirror that reflects it.
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Roger Bubuis Timepiece on HisPotion
This man is an inspiration and a hero.
A mans best friend
25 Basic Rules of Men's Fashion » Man Made DIY
How to Shake Hands: An Illustrated Guide | The Art of Manliness
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great quote.
Hard Work Manifesto