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Oh Jerry
Oh Jerry


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Wear the pants.
#Halloween #TrickorTreat #candy
It's Day 10 of our Christmas Funnies - a festive laugh a day from around the web :D

We just thought it was pretty cool, but apparently this was actually a game released on Playstation 2 and Windows back in the 2000s ha! Does anyone remember it?!
True that.
99 Jokes, Comics & Memes Only Web Designers Will Get
... indeed
Cat Saturday
I´ve had so much fun with this
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The Beardly
Stamped Concrete made to look like wood
Help for home DIY projects.
Barrel Table
USB built into AC outlet
Easy long term food storage for a variety of stapes: rice, beans, grains (like polenta & cream of wheat) and sugar. Buy in bulk, store in clean empty bottles and use what you need as you need it! They are water and air tight and keep bugs out! So much better than 5, 10 or 55 gallon containers or even sacks. 1 and 2 liter sizes are great for trading too! Click LINK for full article.
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excuse me
It would be funny if it wasnt so true. yessir...
Men vs Women
I ain't saying...
Oh Jerry

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