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nut shot
nut shot
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One sign you shouldn't listen to.
Because when Chuck Norris calls, "Decline" is not an option.
Abe Lincoln. Ghostbuster
Sup Bro....
Crime rates rise sharply in cities passing strict gun control laws. The murder rate in Chicago is off the charts. In DC, the murder rate went up 73% during its handgun ban. As for “assault rifles,” in the Columbine & VA Tech shootings, no such weapons were used. But both were places where firearm possession was prohibited & the victims were defenseless.
My new favorite shirt
Man vs Bear
aint that the truth!
Because when Chuck Norris calls, "Decline" is not an option.
LOL Tip Jars [PICS]
Duck Season
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Ginger or Maryann?
The Ocean Is Angry
corvette stingray
bed time
helicopter needs gas
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do gingers have a soul?
women logic
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wipe out
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