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Nailed 5 years 5 months ago onto Women ;)

Nice ass
Nice ass


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This rotating sink should be mine
July 21 - Robin Williams
Emma Watson
capsized ship
This is being prepared!!! Bring on the Zombies and the Mexicans!!
The Fish Bone was created for those that aren't knot pros. If you tie a granny knot for everything you may want to check out this tool. It was designed  to be specifically used with paracord. Great for guy lines and splicing.
December 5 - Amy Acker
Not being alone in the universe isn't terrifying as long as you know the One who created it...
I really never wanted a pool in the backyard before but now I do!
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dat class
I know.....respect women.  Blah,blah blah.   But this is damn funny!
at the Gym
Catalina Otalvaro
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Women ;)

well now that you're up..
at the Gym
dat class
Perfect ass !!!