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mountain hiking path
mountain hiking path
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Travel & Places

'Dancing House',Prague
My kinda shack!
Monks among the falls
To Sua Ocean Trench @ Samoa
Night - Santorini, Greece | Incredible Pictures
Uncompahgre region, CO
My favorite view, at the top of Hwy 50 (Million Dollar Highway) about to face the downhill twisty descent that will take you to Silverton, Durango, or Telluride.
Sunrise from the Villa overlooking the valley. Camucia/Cortona, Italy
Fingal's Cave in Scotland.
Banpo bridge, Seoul, South Korea
What a getaway.
Ready To Roll
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bananas are high in potassium
porsche 911 ad
big bang theory - tribute to spock
kate upton wet t-shirt
RIP Mary
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drive faster
motivational poster
1960s ad
hiking trail
My first trip to Las Vegas, I was expecting more.

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