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Dog on Motorcycle
A motorcycle (also called a motorbike, bike, moto or cycle) is a two[1] or three wheeled[2] motor vehicle. Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes: long distance travel, navigating urban traffic, cruising, sport, racing and off-road riding. Statistically, there is a large difference between the car-dominated developed world, and the more populous developing world where cars are less common than motorcycles. In the developed world, motorcycles are mainly a luxury good, used mostly for recreation, as a lifestyle accessory, or a symbol of personal identity, while in developing countries motorcycles are overwhelmingly utilitarian. Motorcycles are one of the most affordable forms of motorised transport and, for most of the world's population, they are the most familiar type of motor vehicle.[3][4][5] While North America, Europe, and Japan are car-centric cultures where motorcycles are uncommon, the non-car-centric cultures of India, China, and Southeast Asia account for more than half of the world's population, and in those places two-wheelers outnumber four wheeled vehicles. About 200 million motorcycles, including mopeds, motor scooters, motorised bicycles, and other powered two and three-wheelers, are in use worldwide,[6] or about 33 motorcycles per 1000 people. By comparison, there is about 1 billion cars in the world, or about 141 per 1000 people, with about one third in service in Japan and the United States.[7] Most of the world's motorcycles, 58%, are in the developing countries of Southern and Eastern Asia, and the Asia Pacific, excluding Japan which is one of the world's major car users. As of 2002, India, with an estimated 37 million motorcycles/mopeds, was home to the largest number of motorised two wheelers in the world. China came a close second with 34 million motorcycles/mopeds in 2002.[8][9] As the middle class in India, China, and other developing countries grows, they are repeating the transition from motorcycles to cars that took place in the US in the years after World War I, and in Europe following World War II, and the role of motorcycling is changing from a transport necessity to a leisure activity, and the motorcycle is changing from a family's primary motor vehicle to a second or third vehicle.
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There are a Bunch of Lunatics that Surf Lake Superior in Winter. Waves often reach 10-12 feet in height and they do get the occasional 30-footer.
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