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.....The More you Know!
.....The More you Know!

Source: http://thechive.com/2013/03/25/this-is-how-all-schools-should-teach-their-ki...

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That's Why
Real men respect women for who they are, not what they look/dress like.
Don't forget the smack!
couldn't agree more
Like a Boss!
Aida Yespica.  She looks troubled, like she's just stepped into a James Bond movie.
Sobriety Test Drinking Games
Almost the Same (42 pics)
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And a happy Spartan here, another one here...
8″ If I don’t get laid soon someone will get hurt funny saying Magnet for Auto Car Refrigerator or any metal surface.
It's not cursing - it's insulting with style!
Have to fight this boss....
Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minutes gameplay. It will Blow Your Face Off.
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Funny Things

One Great Idea
Zombie Survival Field Manual: Detection = Protection
Ken Robinson - The Element - Find this on Youtube and don't be frightened by the length of the video. It's really, really true.
Majestic as f***
Because you know....doors do that.

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