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Men and Women have different ways of cleaning a toilet
Men and Women have different ways of cleaning a toilet


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Pick-up Lines to Use in the Health Department Waiting Room | MENS DATING ADVICE
You can't just make ANYBODY's dog sit without knowing the right command.
Oh, Kermit!!!
Women Are Like Bacon
uh oh
funny cartoon
Poor CAP! :D 

(the avengers, thor, ironman, captain america, hulk, hawk, black widow, superheroes)
boob meme
Yup...I want to say this a couple of times each and every day.
Rush Hour in Venice
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Riding in style!!
Sick Kitchen
Build your own Cistern
Smoke Bomb
My kinda shack!
I figured this was fitting for this website
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intense kid is intense
You had one job!!
Men, make sure to thank your penis!
Bicycles, Bicicletas, Bici, Biclas, Virulas
My brothers in cat form. Seriously, one of them did this like a week ago.

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