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Me want...
Me want...

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Ιταλία: Με παράδοση κόντρα σε Σασσουόλο η Ρόμα
Patterned ties are great.
Week 2 NFL Picks | Texans vs. Raiders & Bears vs. 49ers | Bet The Line
The Real Life Flying Water Hoverboard - Bonjourlife
daryll sittler
I will learn this some day.
Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal photo gallery from the 2012 French Open | Busted Racquet - Yahoo! Sports
andre the giant
lange skates 1970s
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Multi Touch Bend Desk.
blinker gloves for bikers http://blog.makezine.com/2012/03/06/night-biking-gloves/
Wicked Lasers LaserSabers.....gotta get this....
Blade Runner
Redesigned Star Wars Posters
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Knight XV compared to Hummer
Airsoft Mini Gun
The Rhino series revolver from Chiappa has a flat cylinder for better concealment.  It also has a pretty sweet looking barrel.  Comes in various barrel sizes and calibers.

  On a side note .....The Man's Man has not posted any guns recently out of respect for what happened in Connecticut.  It's unfortunate there are people in the world that don't value human life.  As politics around the issue heat up and the talking heads on the evening news tell us how evil guns are...Remember....People kil
Ultra thin & credit card gadgets - knives, flashlights, cameras
Cold Steel Safe Maker II
If anyone has any one of these, they are deserving of a follow.

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