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RIP Nicholas Winton
This man was the last true hero and a very real man, doing it all, and asking for no thanks or accolades.


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Manly Things

Home Cinema
this is a "joke"!
Quad tube, 16 round semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun.  Ideal for hunting entire flocks of quail.
As a BBQ lover, this is simply beautiful
Honda CB350 Cafe racer
Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread
Catch Me!!
The War on Guns: Brilliant!
well damn
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Do Canadians Borrow For Wealth ?
NASA Scientist: Earth Is Due for ‘Extinction-Level’ Event
Blue Mountains - Album on Imgur - the encyclopedia of painting
xkcd: xkcd Phone 4
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The Finer Things In Life - the encyclopedia of painting
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Things I learned from my father.
Bacon Weave on a Turkey
Kate Upton And Alexandra Daddario Imagine Jurassic World Sequel About 'Dinosaurs With Huge Tits'
Breakfast The

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