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Matching Dress Shoes With Your Suit | The Art of Manliness
Make the shoes match


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Japanese Style
Sperry Top-Sider
Cool Deck design
Good combination of colors, patterns, textures and layers.
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Which kind of man are you; the inner one, or the outer one??
Men's Military Gear, Men's MMA Gear, Army Gear, MMA Gear
How to Polish Your Shoes: If your shoes look like shit, so do you.
cool ways to lace your shoes
Shark Raw Helmet Review- A hybrid helmet
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Easiest Cupboard Pan Lid Organiser
Make a Solar Panel Tripod Mount - Make: | Make:
GCC Trails Program
Sexy, except for the compass around her neck. I mean, seriously, wth?
v-8 coffee table
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how to tie a bow tie - essential!
Types of Shirt Collars
Tie Tips 2
How to Layer Clothing With Style - Art of Manliness
How men with Class look better than boys with Swag

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How to spend less on clothes than your wife/girlfriend and look just as good
Matching Dress Shoes With Your Suit | The Art of Manliness