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A lot of girls need to understand this -
A lot of girls need to understand this -

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/F0hFPdY

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I can't believe this guys is trying to use a chainsaw without eye and ear protection...
True Dat!!!
CHEWY!!  What the hell?
Meanwhile in Switzerland
no abs, pizza
Things That Bounce Thursday (15 GIFS) : theCHIVE
Epic Fetch
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I want!!
PAC-MAN Watch by Romain Jerome
Small Plant Grown From Lemon Seeds.   1. Soak lemons seeds overnight   2. Gently remove outer layer of seeds   3. Put back into water as you prepare soil.   4. Plant lemon seeds in a circle pattern.   5. Place small pebbles on top of seeds   6. Water occasionally and watch it grow.
Easy Slow Cooker French Dip Recipe
I didn't choose the tug life, the tug life chose me.
how to tie a bow tie - essential!
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CuestiĆ³n de pelotas
Screw Hitler.
demotivational posters (19)
it sucks when someone has to take this from you.

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