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Nailed 4 years 4 months ago onto Felis Silvestris Catus

Looks like our cats...
Looks like our cats...


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"Sir", King of the Forest
The Truth | Manteresting
bird pecking a dog
karelian bear dog
a man and his dog GIF
He Died A Hero's Death
Awesome amputee elephant.
Elephant-mounted machine-gun
tired puppy
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MANta Ray aka MANta birostris
Collector's Irish Style Knob Root Cane 37-Inches made in U.S.A. by Brazos Walking Sticks.
Gotta get my body ready for this...Tubing the ditch on Kauai.
Fender Gray Guitar Pick Custom Cuff Links.
Adapt Advancers — Humble Thyself (Men's Black Tee)
Nailed onto the Bench

Felis Silvestris Catus

Grumpy Cat (no text) Pullover w/Hood
Grump.E. Phone Home
Wonder if my cat would like this - CatShell by OPPO; can't read Japanese, but I'm sure it says cat's love it. ;-)
Normally I ignore these captions when I see them, but I really enjoy this one on several different levels.
Looks like our cats...
This guy takes stray cats, and turns them into performers...Dominique, The Catman of Key West

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