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lightning in nyc
lightning in nyc
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Banpo bridge, Seoul, South Korea
Valentine's Day: 10 Romantic Restaurants Around The World - Luxuryes
تور هند | تور گوا | سفر به هند
Spišský hrad  | Spiš Castle Museum
UNESCO World Heritage 
One of the largest Castles of the 13th and 14th century military, political and religious buildings in eastern Europe.
Location: N48 59 58 E20 46 3Architecture of Middle Ages and early Renaissance : Romanesque, Gothic Spišský Hrad (castle) stands on a dramatic site where the earliest occupation dates back to the Neolithic period (5th millennium BC), and subsequently occupied in the Bronze Age and in the 1st century AD. 
Eilean Donan Castle @ Scotland awsome
9 things you should know about tipping
The Fat Ass To Bad Ass Workout: Replace your fat with bigger muscles
I'll take it
Monks among the falls
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Christmas Eve Diehard
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water cooler used right
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hotel in japan
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