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Life hacks from 100 years ago.
Life hacks from 100 years ago.

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Infographic: Hangover-Curing Foods From Around The World #FoodRepublic
fall training
Samuel Langhorne Clemens
FBI uses hacker tactics & malware to spy on "suspects"
Importance of the Oxford Comma.
Bankers Given ‘Honesty Test’ & The Result Explains Everything | MANteresting Zine
LPN Job Outlook, License Practical Nurse Job Outlook
Ever wonder what M&M or SCUBA stand for?
Now you know... Redbox.
Have You Been To Bethany? - YouTube

Dr. Robert Smith, Jr. of Beeson Divinity School. Dr. Smith is one of the word's greatest preachers.
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7.5 eubacteria (Feeling lonely?)
From IWSMT...
Don't judge me.
faith in humanity restored
So true...
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"Why Informality Is Suddenly OK" -- article from David Murrow about why informality has become such an important characteristic to our culture.
Open Marriage: the next step in marriage's evolution #churchformen
The Decline of Male Space #ArtOfManliness
This would be a great infographic except that the only place the Geological Column exists is in the textbooks. // Besides, since when does dirt pile up on top of things instead of erosion making everything flat???
If you want to quit, spend 60 seconds thinking about why you hate smoking before each cigarette. You mind will start to associate the negativity with the smoking.

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