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10 Easy Songs for Piano Anyone Can Play
Learning your favorite songs on piano doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Most popular songs only have three or four chords played in the same order throughout. Did you know that even if a song does not have piano, you can still play it on piano? All you need is the chord progression, whether it was originally played on guitar or any other instrument. We have put together an infographic showing how to easily play ten popular songs, using only three or four simple chords. From classic rock to modern pop, we have included a mix of songs for every music lover. If you are a beginner, don’t sweat it! Just follow each piano chord diagram in order, and you will be up and rocking in less than five minutes per song. Once you have a song memorized, we recommend playing along with the actual artist/band for extra practice. Remember to take it slow and have fun.
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NY Times - "You Probably Have Too Much Stuff"
This diagram is a lie. // Evolution, by definition, is impossible to observe because of the amount of time required for it to occur (on a "macro" level; "micro" is observable). // At its best, "macro" an untestable inference based on scientific observations; at its worst, it's a misrepresentation of those observations. // Not trying to start a comment war; just want everyone to take a critical look at the evidence instead of passively accepting info that's been spoo
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Excerpt from the book, "What Your Husband Isn't Telling You." Why Men Don't Share Feelings; Part 2: "Congratulations, women. You’ve just trained your husbands to keep secrets from you."
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The shelf life of food.
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London’s Largest Contemporary Furniture Showroom
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Infographic: Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Stress
London’s Largest Contemporary Furniture Showroom
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