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Krav Maga
Krav Maga


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Rings made from billiard balls
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The majority of commentary during a sports game.
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Ιταλία: Ντέρμπι στο «Σαν Σίρο» με Μίλαν - Γιουβέντους
Ιταλία: Δοκιμάζεται στην Γένοβα η Ίντερ
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CROS101 40 Lbs Weighted Vest - Essential Calisthenics Equipment
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Bicycles, Bicicletas, Bici, Biclas, Virulas
Ouuch!! Mayor Cardiel
Coffee Shop, Café , Cafeterías
Hayabusa Handwraps
Bicycles, Bicicletas, Bici, Biclas, Virulas
Coffee Shop
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Krav Maga

Self Defense
Self-defense moves everyone should know.
Pressure Points. Get to know your nerves, and you can use this to your advantage when taken to the ground or grappled. Push on certain points on a body can disable an arm from being used or pushing on a place in your body can give you the heightened strength you need to get out of a situation. Krav Maga uses nerve endings because they are key to surviving
Learn #KravMaga to feel more safe while getting fit #FitnessBucketList #FitFluential
Krav Maga del Valle, México City
Krav Maga Leather Grappling Glove (Large) by Revgear,

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