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Know your tents!
Know your tents!
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Outdoors & Camping

The Rhino series revolver from Chiappa has a flat cylinder for better concealment.  It also has a pretty sweet looking barrel.  Comes in various barrel sizes and calibers.

  On a side note .....The Man's Man has not posted any guns recently out of respect for what happened in Connecticut.  It's unfortunate there are people in the world that don't value human life.  As politics around the issue heat up and the talking heads on the evening news tell us how evil guns are...Remember....People kil
How to conceal carry knife
Alpackalypse Whitewater Packraft
Sigiriya, the Lion Rock citadel,Sri Lanka - The Royal Citadel of King Kasyapa (479-496 AD) A world heritage Site
 Log fire
EcoTerra Waterproof Stereo Boombox
Yamaha XS500
oh yeah!!!!
Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet
The Rio Celeste - Cost Rica
Emma Stone
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All the types of pasta.
Chart to help you pair the appropriate wine with the food being served
How to build a campfire.
Poison plants
Civil War bullets
Know your tents!
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Wilderness Skills

Mosquito facts.
Poison plants
Know your tents!
How to build a campfire.
How to estimate remaining daylight using only your hand

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