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Know your tents!
Know your tents!
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Outdoors & Camping

Power Ab Routine for a Six Pack
How to purify water in the wild
Remington 870 Express Tactical
J/100- world's most beautiful day-sailing 33 footer
Canadian girls
How to Make a Solar Still. 
Make your own distilled water from stream or lake water, salt water, or even brackish, dirty water, using these DIY Solar Still plans
Samantha Hensley
Sweet & Sexy
Truck spring bar stools
I don't think this was an option on my AR...
DoubleTap Pocket Pistol
The Bahco Clearing Axe is a work horse. You pretty much have a razor blade on the end of an axe handle. Perfect tool for cutting away saplings and light brush. Comes with a hickory handle and 7 inch replaceable blade.
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Civil War bullets
Chart to help you pair the appropriate wine with the food being served
Wounded soldier saying the Rosary for comfort.
Know your tents!
How to estimate remaining daylight using only your hand
Mosquito facts.
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Wilderness Skills

Poison plants
How to build a campfire.
Know your tents!
Mosquito facts.
How to estimate remaining daylight using only your hand

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