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Jambalaya Sandwich Recipe
Jambalaya Sandwich Recipe


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Manly Things

Block and wood DIY bookshelf.
This is just the shower!  Click the picture to see the rest of the amazing home.   The Sprawling Rancho Alegre in Santa Fe
Ninja Knife Magnets
The Black Widow
Get a girl they said. It'll be fun theyvsaid
I'm going to build at least one of these!
Colt 1911--my dream gun
Backyard getaway! | Gentlemint
Shelving unit with secret compartments.
Birthday freebies - good to know!
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If anybody in the south were against guns... there would be several of these signs pointing to their house
Filing cabinet smoker. How have I not seen this before?!
Yes please.
Seven Ways To Light A Fire Without A Match
Nice project
You da man!
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Tabasco's Buffalo Chicken Chili
Beer Crust Pizza
prosciutto wrapped asparagus
Beef Stew with Ale... cause I am a sucker for cooking with beer.
Smoothie recipes for everything!
How to Make Pemmican

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