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Found: A Map of the Entire Internet, As of 1973 | Atlas Obscura
It was a very small world back then!


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NY Times - "You Probably Have Too Much Stuff"
This diagram is a lie. // Evolution, by definition, is impossible to observe because of the amount of time required for it to occur (on a "macro" level; "micro" is observable). // At its best, "macro" an untestable inference based on scientific observations; at its worst, it's a misrepresentation of those observations. // Not trying to start a comment war; just want everyone to take a critical look at the evidence instead of passively accepting info that's been spoo
Wearing a suit that fits.
Why Is My Paycheck Less This Month
How to Escape from Zip Ties
Correct Method To Pull Up Panties
Excerpt from the book, "What Your Husband Isn't Telling You." Why Men Don't Share Feelings; Part 2: "Congratulations, women. You’ve just trained your husbands to keep secrets from you."
We the people
The shelf life of food.
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bigcajunman (9549866) United (who else?): "Every ticket, of course, guarantees a passenger a seat on the plane"
Things I learned from my father.
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Hot Rod Postcard | Zazzle
Spring Financial Cleaning (revisited) - Canadian Personal Finance Blog
Do Canadians Borrow For Wealth ?
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Hot food, fast: The home microwave oven turns 50
1 Byte from 1950's Eniac
Found: A Map of the Entire Internet, As of 1973 | Atlas Obscura
NASA launches mission to study massive asteroid in hopes of preventing catastrophic collision in 2035 | National Post
Second Asteroid In A Month Sails By Without Us Detecting It First | Popular Science

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